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The Soul of Man - Beers Law

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The (CD) is split between songs written by (Robert) Burns and those composed by the talented Jan Moncrieff and Alan McLean about the life and legend of ‘The Bard’. These songs written by them are in the style of Burns and flow in such a way, those listening, would believe he had written them himself. I can think of no better compliment to the composers than this… excellent!

"Soul of Man" CD Review - The World According to Linda, Celtic Story, Oregon, USA

The album was inspired by the bard himself, Robert Burns. Five of the tracks were written by Burns and the other five were written about the life of Burns by Jan & Alan McLean. These new songs attempt to look into the soul of the great Scottish bard and picture the development of his life and talent and deal, in depth, with the decisions that had the greatest effect on his short, but very artistically and progenitively productive life.

The tracks on it are (listen to more clips in the stores buttons above)

That Burns Lad (Moncrieff/McLean, arr. Beers Law) [words][video]

Ae Fond Kiss (Trad. Burns, arr. Beers Law) [video]

Life ‘n Lassies (Moncrieff/McLean, arr. Beers Law) [words]

Ca’ the Yowes (Trad. Burns, arr. Beers Law)
Soul of Man (Moncrieff/McLean, arr. Beers Law) [words]
Ye Banks and Braes (Trad. Burns, arr. Beers Law)
(Burns the Bard) The Democrat (Moncrieff/McLean, arr. Beers Law) [words]
Ye Jacobites (Trad. Burns, arr. Beers Law)
Exciseman (Moncrieff, arr. Beers Law) [words][video]
Auld Lang Syne (Trad. Burns, arr. Beers Law)
Will Ye No’ Come Back Again (Trad, arr. Beers Law)


For the recording we used these instruments

Pictures of Uncle Donnie's Wake (2017 - Remastered)

by The Crow Road Band

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