Life n Lassies

(C) Jan TM Moncrieff/Alan McLean 2008

There ploughin in the stony fields
A sleekit moose ran wi a squeal
A’ve broken doon nis wee hame
Wi din an’ clatter
Ma Mary we ur a’ the same
Oor plans aye shatter

Aye here we ur as poor as can be
But good and true as ye a’ can see
Not like these eejits wi the power
Tae point an’ blame
Ma Peggy we’ve nae need tae cower
Wur highabove them

Winter chills blow loud an cauld
The work weary faither returns feeling auld
At last at hame his sprits rise
Wi’ laughter an’ cheer
Oh that a’d seen it through ma Jenny’s eyes
So simple an’ clear.

A fear a’ll no see again the heelans again
Ridin’ in sleet an’ the rain
Collecting taxes fur the king
Fur a’ its worth
Ma Jean ma heart again would sing
Wis a in the North

A wis sittin wi the lads last night
Good drink an’ company aw right
Wicked tales by the roarin’ fire
O’ cutty sark an’ mare
Ma Nell it wis an unearthly choir
Gee’d me words sae fair

The kirk’s fur honest, faithful men
Except the clergy - pray aymen
They tell us they’re sae good an true
Whilst sinful livin’
Ma Lizzie they’d damn me an’ you
Themselves forgiving.


© Beers Law Music 2020