That Burns Lad

(C) Jan TM Moncrieff/Alan McLean 2008

Verse 1

As a lad he wandered far away
Watching - mouse, bird and fish
His eyes could see but his words not say
What his heart could feel and his mind could wish

Robin that rovin’ Burns lad

Verse 2

He learned to write and learned to read
The wonders of Wallace and Gray
But his heart was filled with a burning need 
To paint his world  in his own way

Verse 3

Though words and thought be the food of the soul
They are not the food of the man
While his mind was full ‘n out of control
He set his back to the work of the land

Robin that rovin’ Burns lad

Verse 4

The land it is not an easy laird
And for such a sickly lad
The toll he paid was swift and fast, an’ hard
Soon the damp was in his blood

Verse 5

With fever high and pen alight
He wrote to purge his pain
Excise by day Bard by night
This life as barely keeping him sane

Robin that rovin’ Burns lad


Verse 6

Then Clarinda fell upon his life
And other lassies too
Then children and Jean his patient wife
While his fever n pain just grew and grew

Robin that rovin’ Burns lad

Verse 7

Finally his light grew thin and pale
His struggle was too great
His fever peaked, his spirit failed
An’ he left this land to meet his fate

Verse 8

The man was a legend in his own age
Enlightened to the steel of his soul
The legend lives on in minds and on page
His legend will never be laid low.

Robin that rovin’ Burns lad x 3

© Beers Law Music 2020