The Exciseman

(C) Jan Moncrieff / Alan McLean 1998

Ane dark nicht he came tae me
With face sae pale an' sad
He spoke such words A've never heard
Sweet, soft words wi' the lilt o' a bard
An' the sound o' a spirit free


A wait ben the hoose a' the day
Hopin' tae hear his pace
Hopin' tae hear his voice
Hopin' tae see his face
A wait ben the hoose ilka day
Hopin' he'll pass this way

He'd the stench o' ale aboot his claes
But his e'en wur bricht an' clear
His touch wis sae gentle, soft an' kind
His hauns sae clean, like 'feather lined'
As he whispered in ma ear


That nicht has changed a' life fur me
cos noo its me an' the bairn.
His daddy's yet an exciseman
Trampin' a' across this Ian'
Still wed, but fancy free!


© Beers Law Music 2020